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I place files on this page not necessarily work related but of personal interest such as soccer, movies, workout tracking etc. and these files are not grouped by any classification. 


The site uploads Excel files with xlsx extension by default so if a file of interest is not opening it is because it has macros in it and requiers a download and save as with xlsm extension on your desktop.  For this inconvenience I apologize.



2010 World Cup Soccer Fantasy
This file was tracking betting during the World Cup at 2010 at work amongst four people.
WC 2010 Fantasy Master File.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [404.5 KB]
Euro 2012 Soccer Championship
This file was created to track the European soccer championship matches.
Euro 2012 Predictions.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [497.4 KB]
Custom Excel Menus
Implement the VBA code provided on this text file on your Excel document to cerate customized menu items on the ribbon.
Custom Excel Menus.txt
Text document [2.9 KB]
Totals by Cell Color
This file has an example of summing values n a range by their cell color.
Microsoft Excel sheet [27.4 KB]
Netflix Viewing Tracking
Netflix Rental History.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [449.0 KB]
World Cup 2018 Russia
This file has the details of this world cup. When you get a prompt on opening the file click yes.
WC 2018 Fantasy Master File - Copy.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [273.6 KB]
My Cover Letter
Cover letter titled as Dashboard Insights summarizes what I do.
Cover Letter.doc
Microsoft Word document [41.5 KB]
My Resume
Current as of September 27, 2018
Microsoft Word document [99.5 KB]

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